Family Homelessness: A Reality that Needs to Be Addressed

Type: Press Release
Published Date: August 1, 2023

Homelessness remains an urgent and pressing issue in the United States, and it is critical to shed light on the specific challenges faced by homeless children, women, and families. Recent data reveals that on a single night in 2022, approximately 582,500 individuals experienced homelessness. Among them, a significant number were children and families who grapple with the devastating consequences of unstable housing.

Children are among the most vulnerable victims of homelessness, experiencing profound and long-lasting effects. The statistics are staggering, with more than 30,000 young people under the age of 25 experiencing homelessness on their own in 2022. Among this group, slightly more than half found refuge in shelters, while the rest faced the harsh realities of the streets.

Homeless children face numerous challenges beyond lacking a stable roof over their heads. The uncertainty and instability they endure can harm their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Research indicates that homeless children are at a higher risk of experiencing developmental delays, mental health issues, and difficulties in educational attainment.

The absence of a safe and nurturing environment can also compromise children’s growth and future opportunities. As a result, children growing up without a secure home environment face increased risks of poor health outcomes, educational setbacks, and long-term poverty.

Attending to this pressing matter, for 17 years, The Haven of Rest has partnered with local radio stations in Battle Creek to host “Roof Sit”, a two-day event to favor Inasmuch House, Battle Creek’s emergency shelter for children, single women, and families.

Next June 23rd and 24th, The Haven’s staff, along with “Roof Sit” volunteers will be out in the community collecting funds all over Calhoun County in Michigan for the families at Inasmuch House.

The Haven, which was established in 1956, has 8 different programs to help unsheltered people, Veterans, people struggling with addictions and mental health issues, besides offering shelter for men, women, and children. Last year, the Haven served over 80,000 meals and served almost 1,400 people, offering more than 35,000 bed nights of shelter for people not only from Michigan but from all over the United States.

If you want to learn more about The Haven’s shelters and programs and join the battle against homelessness, visit, or call (269) 965-1148. Together, we can create a compassionate society that ensures every child has a safe and stable home, every woman is empowered, and every family has the support they need to thrive!

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