Gain Access Program

The Gain Access Program or GAP provides homeless children with the opportunity to obtain life skills they may or may not have been exposed to consistently. Providing a safe, fun enviroment rich with nuturing and acceptance, our goal is to increase the confidence, education and self-sufficiency of the homeless children in our community. We are filling in the gap to transition the homeless child into becoming a productive and successful young adult.
Gain Access Program 2

Services Provided at the gain access program

  • Children are provided individualized tutoring services, homework assistance and social and recreational opportunities.
  • GAP is an after school program for homeless children and according to studies: After school accelerated learning programs supplement the education of students and allows them to catch up with their peers; recreation programs enhance the children's creativity and socialization skilles.
  • GAP teaches faith based lesson plans that are fun and informational. These lessons focus on God's love for all children as well as basic principles of the Bible.
  • Children learn self-confidence in a comfortable learning environment and learn positive coping mechanisms for dealing with family crisis.
  • GAP provides beneficial individual case management for homeless children.

Did you know?

  • The average age of a homeless child in America is 6 years old
  • Children and families make up the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.
  • Homeless children are twice as likely to repeat a grade in school.
  • One in ten homeless students miss at least one month of school each year.
  • Homeless children suffer from three times as many GI disorders and twice as many hospitalizations as non-homeless children.
  • Almost one-half of homeless school-aged children have witnessed domestic violence.

Ways You Can Help

  • Financial Donations are always needed.
  • In-Kind Donations - Food and supplies.
  • Volunteer to join our mentorship program.