Jail Ministry

The Calhoun County Jail Ministry seeks to provide a Christian Evangelistic Ministry, for the Salvation of the incarcerated.

Jail Ministry

Services Provided at the Jail Ministry

  • Regularly scheduled Bible Studies, teaching the elements of Christian Faith.
  • Regularly scheduled Gospel Outreach, Preaching Christ crucified, risen and salvation by grace through faith.
  • Correspondence Bible Studies provided through several avenues, including Spanish through our Hispanic Chaplain.
  • Chinese Bible Studies regularly provided by the Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Church.
  • Registry and accommodation of churches and their ministers, including the local Catholic diocese.
  • Overcomers Substance Abuse and Addictive Lifestyle Program.
  • Assistance to non-Christian groups as support for secular needs such as emergency postage and inmate supplies apart from involvement in ecumenical purpose.
  • Assistance with literacy needs and teaching reading and writing.
  • Collaboration with programs providing alternatives to incarceration such as Work First, K-PEP, Work Release and inmate worker opportunities.
  • Assistance and representation of inmates for emergency release and funeral arrangements.
  • One-on-one counseling as able within the guidlines of policy and qualification. Multiple types of material distribution including denominational religious meterials, Bibles, newsletters, newspapers, etc and opportunities for inmates to purchase Bibles at a discount rate.
  • Supply and upkeep of Jail pod Book Charts.

Ways You Can Help

  • Monetary and in-kind donations are always appreciated.
    • The Jail Ministry is funded through the generous donations of community members.
  • Involve yourself with civilian or volunteer activities
  • If you would like to participate in our Jail Ministry please call the number above and make an appointment.