More information about our Veterans in Progress program

VIP Program Case Manager: Chris Bitgood

Direct Line:(269)788-0969

The Veterans in Progress Program or VIP is a formal partnership between the Battle Creek Veterans Administration and the Haven of Rest. The VIP program is an effort of support from the Haven of Rest to empower and enable our veterans to live optimally within the Battle Creek community.

Criteria for entering the VIP Program:

  • Must be a United States Veteran.
  • Reffered from the Battle Creek Veterans Affairs medical hospitals homeless liaison.
  • Must have a willingness and desire to grow personally.
  • Willingness to accomplis desired goals.
  • Willingness to follow the rules as set by the Haven of Rest and be respectful and responsible to the Haven.

The VIP Program veterans receive the following services:

  • Life skills classes offered at the Haven every week.
  • A Case Manager's assistance in crafting a personal action plan aimed at creating your success.
  • The individualized plan is a plan of action tailored to help you meet your needs and goals.
  • Each plan will include provisions for personal growth through education, training, household management skills, relationship skills and others as needed, including financial literacy and money management.
  • Well balanced, nutritious meals to meet dietary needs.